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A verified purchaser on Amazon said: “Love the dual story line of history and present stories and how each woman lived the story they created for themself. The surprise was the way the author weaved mythology and science into the story. Really made me think that we are all in control of our life’s story!”

An Amazon reviewer said: “Kristina Parro’s first book is an intelligent and tragic story of the desire to define success in one’s life. Rebekah and Rhea are from two vastly different eras in American history yet their lives run parallel. They both want to be seen. What will the cost be?

Fame, fortune, and celebrity can come wit ha price when it comes to love, family and friendship. Can a balance be made? Ms. Parro ultimately weaves these two women’s lives together in such an insightful way using history, philosophy, mythology, Pythagoras, and even the Golden Ratio (also known as phi), that makes this story one of the most outstanding books I’ve read in a very long time.”

Daydreamer (on GoodReads) said: “Lucky: A Novel is one of those books that combines the best things in literature— philosophy, history, romance, self development, creativity (the illustrations were such a pretty touch!). It may be a novel, and a novel is a wonderful thing, but it’s so much more than that.

Throughout the course of the story I learned about the life of Rebekah Harkness. Though I knew a bit about her from Taylor Swift’s song The Last Great American Dynasty, I had no idea how complicated and tragic her life was. In this way, Lucky was in one part a history lesson. We readers also get to explore the life of Rhea Harmonia (this part was especially exciting for me as a fan of T Swift who Rhea is inspired by) and how fame and fortune doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, it also brings pressure that not everyone can get through easily. I also really loved the many references to Taylor’s discography.

The philosophy— where to begin? I love how different myths were combined, Ancient Greek philosophers, the Egyptian pyramids, the Golden Ratio, and much more.

I would definitely recc’d this book to all fans of Taylor Swift, but you don’t need to be a Taylor fan to appreciate all of the wisdom and knowledge this book holds.

KateTheBookLover (on Instagram) wrote: “Such a great book! As a Swiftie, I really enjoyed all of the hidden TS references. Parro is so creative to combine Rebekah Harkness’s story with Taylor’s. If you love Taylor Swift and folklore, you’ll definitely love this one!”