About Me

Hi, I’m Kristina!

I am 29 years old and live in Chicago, IL. I am an author, entrepreneur, investor, and speech-language pathologist. My debut novel, Lucky, came out in June 2021.

In my writing, I love to synthesize a diverse range of complex, real-world topics: language, history, philosophy, mythology, economics, finance, pop culture, and more.

My Journey

An alum of Butler University and Rush University, I am a speech-language pathologist by training, and worked in a COVID hotspot throughout 2020. The year was traumatic, yet transformational for me. During this time, I turned to writing.

In January, I said hello to a new year and goodbye to my job in healthcare. By April, I had opened my own publishing company. In June, I published my first novel!

2020 was the year that I learned chaos brings the opportunity for order. Tragedy can be reborn as love. Anyone has the power to write their own beautiful story.

While I was writing Lucky, I realized that my story was not so different from any other story told throughout the ages.

Many of us muddle through life, never realizing that our stories are just that. Like fish, unable to see the water the live in, we are unable to understand that stories are just the way us humans understand reality. Let’s face it— life is curious, confusing, messy, mystical and wonderous, all at the same time.

Stories are more than just stories. It is only through our stories that we make sense of what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Stories help our mind weave together all of the senseless information we receive throughout our lives, help us find meaning in it, and create order that makes the world easier to cope with. I think that it is through stories we can all find the key to living our optimal, happiest lives.

My Impact

A word I’d use to describe the impact I intend to make on the world is transformative. When telling a story, I get to explore life’s lessons through unique perspectives. When I write a story, I am able to express (and make sense of) some of the ineffable concepts that make up the invisible matrix of our reality. Through story telling, I change. I grow.

The Butterfly Effect

I imagine life to be like the Butterfly Effect, or The Chaos Theory. One small change in a small state can result in larger differences in a larger state. Through story telling, I hope to spark collective growth.

Who am I?

I consider myself to be the kind of person who is curious, creative, abstract, and parabolic. I’m a story teller: someone who enjoys diving deep, making new connections, and finding innovative ways to pass on my “lessons learned.” I am a person that enjoys all of life’s transformations and revelations. I’m someone who learns best though art.

Follow me on Instagram: @KristinaParro

I’m also on TikTok: @lyric.ology

Feel free to send me an email: Kristina@KristinaParro.com

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