Logos Books

What is Logos?

Logos is an independent publishing company based out of Chicago, IL that was established in April 2020. Logos specializes in publishing works of literary fiction that inspire and enlighten an adult audience.

The first Logos book, Lucky: A Novel, was released on June 10, 2021. It is written by debut novelist and Chief Executive Officer of Logos, Kristina Parro.

Why Logos?

The word logos means: the individual human’s capacity for consciousness and communication; from Ancient Greek meaning “word,” “reason,” or “plan.”

Logos, to me, is a call to something of cosmic significance. It is concerned with understanding the relationship between consciousness and being. Logos is the truth. It is taking voluntary control and responsibility over the tragedies of human existence. It’s about leaving the world a better place than you came into.

For so long, I walked around like a wide-eyed child to whom things just happened. I realized, however, that I am too powerful to be naive. Logos is a way to find out how much good I can do for the world. It turns out that the answers on how to live are out there, buried, in the depths of art, literature, drama, and philosophy.

Logos was established as a social experiment: to see what happens to the world around me as I try to bring myself in alignment with the most transcendental truth. With wisdom. And, guess what? I am already seeing my life transform.

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Inspiration behind Logos’ logo

Chaos theory is the inspiration behind the logo for Logos. Within Chaos theory is The Butterfly Effect; put simply, small changes have big effects.

When telling a story, I get to explore life’s lessons through unique perspectives. When I write a story, I am able to express (and make sense of) some of the ineffable concepts and truths that make up an invisible matrix: reality. Through story telling, I change. I grow. I become.

I imagine life to be like the Butterfly Effect. One small change in a small state can result in larger differences in a larger state. Through story telling, I hope to spark collective growth.

Who am I?

I am Kristina Parro, founder and CEO of Logos. Lucky: A Novel is a Logos book, and is my debut novel.

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